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"The Plank" Vintage Rope Loft Light

"The Plank" Vintage Rope Loft Light

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Create an amazing atmosphere...

This wood plank loft light with rustic hemp rope gives a warm glow to lighten the atmosphere of any room.

Features a classic thick rope design and unique iron cage light fixtures!

The width of the wood plank is 40 inches / 100 cm.  Bulbs are not included. 

The ropes are an adjustable length so you can get just the right look that you want.  The chain above the light is also adjustable.  The maximum length of the chain extends to 25 inches (65 cm) below the ceiling plate.

Voltage: designed to operate at any voltage between 90v & 260v.  So, whatever part of the world you are in, the light will operate effectively at your voltage.

This unique light has the highest quality design.  Satisfaction guaranteed.


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