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"The Ultimate Shower" - LED, Waterfall, Massage Shower Panel

"The Ultimate Shower" - LED, Waterfall, Massage Shower Panel

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Luxury like you've never experienced before...

Get ready for the most relaxing, refreshing, enjoyable shower experience of your life.  This shower panel lets you select any of the following 5 settings:
    Massage Jets
     Handheld Wand
      and a Bath Spout!

Plus, create an amazing atmosphere with the built in LED lights.  No batteries or electricity needed...the LED lights are powered by the water flow! 

And, the dial allows you to turn on up to two of the features simultaneously.  The LED display panel shows the current water temperature displayed in Celsius.

🚚 And, get SUPER-FAST SHIPPING for just $29.95 --arrives in 2-7 days!! 🚚


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